April 14, 2024
How to Delete Zulily account

Do you want to know how to delete Zulily account or permanently deactivate it?

If this is the case then in this post you will learn how to delete Zulily account in a very simple way

People delete Zulily account for verious reasons most of them delete that for email spamming from the company.

Zulily is a USA based e-commerce company mainly operated from Seattle, Washington, that sells clothing, garments, footwear, toys, and home products in America.

How to delete Zulily account

There are two easy methods to delete Zulily account

  • Delete account by Email
  • Delete account through your profile

How to cancel your account by Email

You can easily delete your account by sending an email to Zulily company and requesting them to delete your account and all its information from their database.

  • First, open the email account registered with Zulily
  • Compose an email and enter Service@Zulily.com
  • On Subject section type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT
  • Now in the body section write the reason to delete the account and request to delete all your information from their database’
  • Alternatively, you can also send these email to privacyinquiry@Zulily.com

How to delete your account from your profile

  • First, log into your Zulily.com account from any browser
  • Click on My Account, Which is located in the top right section under a breadcrumb menu on the home page
  • After the drop-down menu appears
  • Click on Account info
  • Click on Close and Erase account
  • Now confirm that you want to delete Zulliy account permanently by clicking on Close and Erase my account
  • Type close and then Click on Close and Erase Account
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Now your account deletion process has been started and soon Zullily team review and approve it and it usually takes not more than 14 days.

If you still have some doubts let me know in the comment box