May 25, 2024
How to Transfer Your Domain from Network Solutions to GoDaddy

Transferring a domain name from one registrar to another can seem like a daunting task, but with the right guidance, it can be a smooth process. If you currently have your domain registered with Network Solutions and wish to transfer it to GoDaddy, this comprehensive guide will walk you through each step, ensuring a seamless transition.

Why Transfer Your Domain

Why Transfer Your Domain?

There could be various reasons for wanting to transfer your domain from Network Solutions to GoDaddy:

1. Consolidation of Services: If you already use GoDaddy for hosting or other services, transferring your domain can centralize your management.

2. Better Pricing or Features: GoDaddy might offer more competitive pricing, additional features, or better support.

3. Preference for GoDaddy’s Interface: Some users find GoDaddy’s interface more user-friendly or prefer their control panel.

Step 1: Unlock Your Domain

Before initiating the transfer process, you’ll need to unlock your domain at Network Solutions. Here’s how you do it:

1. Log in to your Network Solutions account.

2. Navigate to the ‘Manage Account’ section.

3. Find your domain and click on it.

4. Look for the option to ‘Unlock Domain’ and follow the prompts to unlock it.

Step 2: Obtain an Authorization Code (EPP Code)

To initiate the transfer process, you’ll need an Authorization Code (also known as an EPP code or transfer code). This code verifies that you have the right to transfer the domain. Here’s how to obtain it:

1. In your Network Solutions account, go to the ‘Manage Account’ section.

2. Find your domain and click on it.

3. Look for the option to ‘Request Authorization Code’ and follow the prompts.

Step 3: Prepare Your Domain for Transfer at GoDaddy

Now, you’ll need to let GoDaddy know that you want to transfer your domain from Network Solutions. Follow these steps:

1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.

2. Go to the ‘Domains’ section.

3. Click ‘Add Domain’ and then select ‘Transfer Domain’.

4. Enter the domain you want to transfer.

5. If the domain is available for transfer, you’ll see it in the search results. Click ‘Select’ next to the domain.

6. Enter the Authorization Code you obtained from Network Solutions.

Confirm the Transfer

Step 4: Confirm the Transfer

After entering the Authorization Code, you’ll need to confirm the transfer:

1. Review the domain details to ensure they are correct.

2. Check for any additional options or services you might want to add during the transfer process.

3. Confirm the transfer and proceed to the checkout.

Step 5: Approve the Transfer at Network Solutions

Once you’ve initiated the transfer at GoDaddy, you’ll receive an email from Network Solutions asking you to approve the transfer. Follow these steps:

1. Locate the email from Network Solutions regarding the transfer request.

2. In the email, you’ll find a link to approve or deny the transfer. Click on it.

3. Log in to your Network Solutions account if prompted.

4. Approve the transfer.

Step 6: Wait for the Transfer to Complete

The transfer process can take up to seven days, although it often happens much faster. During this time, it’s important to:

1. Keep Your Domain Unlocked: Ensure that your domain remains unlocked at Network Solutions until the transfer is complete.

2. Check Your Email: Both Network Solutions and GoDaddy will send you updates on the progress of the transfer.

3. Respond Promptly: If there are any issues or additional steps required, respond promptly to emails from either registrar.

Step 7: Confirm Domain Ownership at GoDaddy

Once the transfer is complete, it’s a good idea to verify that the domain is now under your control at GoDaddy. This involves:

1. Logging in to your GoDaddy account.

2. Going to the ‘Domains’ section.

3. Finding your transferred domain and clicking on it to view its details.


Transferring your domain from Network Solutions to GoDaddy involves a series of steps, each of which is important to ensure a successful transition. By following this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the process smoothly. Remember to be patient and attentive to emails from both registrars during the transfer period. Once completed, your domain will be securely registered with GoDaddy, ready for your continued online presence.