July 25, 2024
How to Delete Hipi Account

How to Delete Hipi Account

Hello friends, welcome to our website upyogii.com, friends in today’s topic we will talk about how you can delete your Hipi account, that how can we delete its account permanently.

I want to assure you that you have finally reached our site. I want to tell you that you read our article properly. In this article, we told you how you can delete Hipi account easily.

How to Delete Hipi Account [ My Trick]

How to Delete Hipi Account ? Friends, this question has been asked by many people but till date they did not get the answer, today we will tell you how to delete your Hipi account through the methods given by us.

Friends, when 15 Chinese apps running in India were banned in the year 2020, people were quite shocked. Your list also included an app named Tik Tok. Tik Tok is a short video platform where people can make and post their videos. You can also see the posted posts of people, but the Indian government has banned the app in India, it was for the tech security of India, which would prove to be very dangerous in the coming times for the people of India.

Due to the ban of Tic Toc in India, many users were shocked because many people were running their livelihood from someone, but due to its sister, these people were shocked and people started looking for other applications on which they could earn their livelihood. Lions can make short videos, zee5 launched an app similar to Tick Talk in the year 2020, which was named hipi.

Friends, if you want to delete the account of Hipi app due to any reason, then you can delete the account of this app by using our given method.

How to Delete Hipi Account Permanently

Friends, in the year 2020, when 59 Chinese were imposed by the Government of India in India, then people were shocked because in this a shot video platform named Tik Tok was also banned. Friends Tik Tok application is based on a shot video platform which Application made by China Friends, in this app you can watch and make short videos, keeping an eye on the privacy of friends, the Government of India banned this app and in the year 2020 itself, a hipi name by zee 5 company

The app of was launched with the help of friends you can create and post videos like tik tok friends what used to be seen are seen

So now we will tell you how you can easily delete Hipi account. Friends, follow our steps to know our method so that your account is permanently deleted.

  • Open your phone
  • Find Gmail application in your phone
  • After opening the Gmail app click on ”compose” button
  • Request to delete my Hipi aacount in ”Subject 
  • Compose an email for deleting Hipi account
  • And send it to contact@hipi.co.in.
  • That’s it within 3 business days your Hipi account deleted
  • Well done.

Friends, through the given method, you can delete your account by writing an email to Hipi account, if you understand this method, then definitely share it with your friends.

How to Delete Hipi Account Via Customer Care Supports

  • Open your phone
  • find any browser in your phone
  • After opening browser app click on ”search bar” button
  • Type Hipi Customer Care Number in ‘search bar
  • You will see the customer care there
  • Now you have to contact customer care.
  • Request to Delete Hipi Account
  • that’s it with in 4-5 business days your Hipi account deleted
  • Well done.

Friends, through the second method given, you can get your Hipi account deleted by calling and talking to customer care, friends, if you understand the second method, then you must share it with your friends.

How to Delete Hipi Account Via App

  • Open Hipi App
  • Go to your “Account
  • Click on “Your Name” 
  • Now Click on “Delete Account“
  • Confirm [ “Yes”] you want to delete your account.
  • Well Done.

Friends, through the third method given, you can delete your account very easily by going to OK Credit’s app. Friends, if you have understood the third method, then you must share it with your friends.

How to Install Hipi App

First of all, you have to come to the play store. There you have to search in the search bar Hipi and from there the Hipi app will come to the application. From there you have to install. That’s how you can install it. In a very easy way.


Friends, today in this article we told you how to delete Hipi account. Friends, in this article, we have told you three methods that help you to delete Hipi account in an easy way. Friends, if you like our method, then you must share it.